Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family

The decision on having a dog at home is normally made by the family. However, there are times when you pass by a pet store, fall in love with a puppy and instantly make a decision of taking it home with you. Dogs can provide you with a lot of benefits. They are good companions, playmates and a source of security against intruders. It is therefore important to choose the right breed based on your preferences and needs. Generally, it is recommended to choose a fido that suits your lifestyle and needs rather than adjusting yourself to meet the needs of the pooch. Before taking your furry friend home, it is imperative to consider the following points.

Consider your family size. One of the biggest considerations that you need to make when looking for a cur is the size of your family. You need to ask yourself questions such as how many people do you have at home? Do you have enough room for a large dog? What are the ages of your children? Do all your children live in your house? If you have younger children, you should consider getting a smaller but stronger hound that will stand rough treatment from your kids. Similarly, you would not want a large mongrel that is stronger than your children. This is because the mutt can cause injuries on your young ones.

Budget well. Before you get a stray into your home, it is advisable to look at the amount of disposable income that you have after all the bills are paid. Consider whether you can afford dog food in the long run. Think of how you will finance visits to the vet. It is important to realize that a poodle can cost as much as a child. Therefore, you should prepare to have one just as you do when expecting a new born baby. If you have a small budget, you should consider an affordable breed such as Jack Russell. If you have the finances on the other hand, you can easily go with a premium breed such as St. Bernard.

Look at your living space. Your living space is a special consideration before you get that tyke. There are breeds that require large spaces for playing and running around. If you live in a small apartment with a limited space, you should choose a smaller dog. A pug would do as it does not require large space to run around. In addition, the dog rarely barks and thus, will not cause a lot of disturbance to your neighbors.

Why do you need a dog? Different people get a bowwow for different reasons. You may require a faithful dog for companionship, helpful dog because of disability or a flea bag for security. Therefore, the purpose for getting a dog will play a major role in identifying the right breed. Labradors are fun, playful and intelligent and therefore, make good friends. On the other hand, Dobermans and German shepherds are aggressive breeds. These are great for your home security.

Match the lifestyle. It is important to look at your lifestyle before getting a best friend. For example, if you live in an urban apartment, you should avoid getting hunting dogs as you do not have enough space for them to exercise and play around. A breed such as Border collie will not suit such environments. Therefore, choose a breed that suits your lifestyle.

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Consider grooming needs. Some breeds such as the standard poodle require a lot of grooming. If you do not have time for such regular tasks, think of getting a breed that requires less grooming. In such a situation, short haired tail-wagers will make a great choice.

Whether you are looking for a good friend, a companion or a protector, you need to work through your options carefully. Getting enough information on different dog breeds will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

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